About Us


The Department of Mathematics is established in 1984. As of Fall 2018, the department has 28 faculty members, 1 supporting staff and 3 postdocs. There are 252 undergraduate students (in mathematics or statistics), 67 master students and 19 doctoral students. 


Besides courses for students majoring in mathematics and statistics, the department offers calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics, complex analysis for undergraduate students in business, engineering, medicine and science.


Faculty’s research includes algebraic geometry, algebraic groups, algebraic number theory, complex analysis, dynamic systems and ergodic theory, differential geometry, harmonic analysis, image processing, numerical analysis, operational research, PDEs, probability and statistics, representation theory, and topology etc. Our research is supported by various funding bodies, especially the National Natural Science Foundation, the Ministry of Education, and the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province. Our faculty members are highly recognized by their research, teaching and service. Some of them have been awarded, for their achievements, at national and provincial levels.


The department is currently under rapid expansion. To strengthen our teaching and broaden our research, up to 10 new faculty members and 10 postdocs are expected to be recruited during 2018-2025. We cordially encourage everyone, with suitable qualifications, to join us!